Day 126

Healthy eating today! I found a new favorite snack: sliced raw bell peppers seasoned with a little salt– SO yummy. I also worked out like mad in a kickboxing class.

I’ve been thinking a lot about fitness (obviously) and my motivation to be fit.

Something I discovered:
I Need To:
 -Sleep More
 -Laugh More
 -Stress Less

By stressing about my size I am actually putting my body into “starvation mode” and am making it retain fat in order to protect me. How cyclical! Starting now: I accept myself the way I am right now. I will workout and eat healthy foods because my body deserves to be nourished and strengthened — NOT so I can meet a superficial standard of beauty. Words are powerful- this one perhaps the most powerful: LOVE. I am choosing to say I love myself right now and right now I am relinquishing my stresses to have the “perfect body”. My body is hardwired to be healthy- I just need to facilitate its processes by providing nourishing foods and adequate exercise.

“I am by nature a dealer in words and words, by nature, are the most powerful drug in humanity” –Rudyard Kipling 


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