Days 124 & 125

August 10th

This day was not a proud one. I went to a baby shower after a healthy lunch and had another small lunch…and a rice crispy treat…and half a cupcake. Ah! Need to get back on the bandwagon here.

August 11th

I am watching the coolest documentary called “Hungry for Change” about the troubles with the diet and food industry.

Things I’m learning:

Best way to deal with stress is sleep. –> Stress is interpreted by the body as “famine” and therefore causes weight gain.
Modern foods are loaded with chemicals that cause addiction: they are DRUGS people! Ok, I sound like a hippy now.
MSGs are bad– vegetables are good.

I do need to get to sleep, but ending thought: I think I may get a juicer and try to detox from modern America.


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