Day 120

I went to the gym this morning and started my “Couch-2-5k” plan. I ran/walked a mile and a half in twenty minutes- not good by any standards but it was the prescribed workout for Workout 1 of this nine week plan. Tomorrow night is kickboxing and Thursday I will do Workout 2 of C25K. I didn’t have much of an appetite today and I am not sure why. I did eat, but really only out of boredom (a habit I am working on kicking).

My family is in town and little sisters want junk food. It is hard to eat healthy around cereal and Mac&Cheese. Luckily, my mother is Miss Fitness and eats more like I want to. At the Farmers Market this morning I got a large watermelon (so excited!) and a sugar free “breakfast cookie” that was delicious. The only unhealthy ingredient was butter, but I can live with that.


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