Days 117, 118, & 119

August 3rd

Farmers Market this morning for breakfast: a homemade muffin and some fresh milk. Not too healthy, but I ate at 10 so it was breakfast and lunch. I finished all my grocery shopping and cleaned house…alas, no workout. I intended to, but I was trying to cram too much stuff into one day. Hubby and I went to a cookout/dinner with some friends from 4-8pm (which, though I ate unhealthy foods, I was pretty proud of my moderate portion sizes).

August 4th

Planned to run…all day. But then I had my family coming into town (read: must clean house), and Kohls was having a good sale. So my plans to run became a day of cleaning, shopping and running errands. Terrible I know…

August 5th

WORKED OUT TODAY! Healthy breakfast, Smoothie King LeanOne for lunch, hodgepodge dinner (a little pasta and lentils at 6:00 then some yogurt at 7:45 and a handful of granola later). Went to a killer kickboxing class with my girl friend and my mom (who is a yoga instructor and put us youngling to shame). It was a tough Monday at work and I wanted chocolate like nobody’s business, but I resisted and I am proud. Also, I drank water and scoped out other runs; I am eyeing the “Hot Chocolate” run this winter. It is a 5k or 15 k. I am tempted to do the 15k, but that is nine miles and I am not even sure I can do a 5k. One step at a time- literally.
I start my “Couch 2 5k” plan tomorrow morning: gym at 5:45. Which means, dear reader, this girl has to get to sleep.


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