Day 116

Well, this is kind of exciting: I think I might be pushing myself too hard ;) I am going to start a “Couch to 5k” plan to get ready for my run; however, I think running every day is too hard on my ankles. The new plan:

Mondays: Kickboxing

Tuesdays: Yoga (morning) & Run (evening)

Wednesdays: Kickboxing

Thursdays: Yoga (morning) & Run (evening)

Fridays: Hmm, free day?

Saturdays: Run (morning)

Sundays: Yoga (afternoon)

Sounds like heaven to me. I am working out pretty much every day now. This week I am bloated and feel fat, BUT I am noticing workouts are getting easier. Could it be that I am getting STRONGER?? *WOOHOO! HAPPY DANCE**


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