Day 111

Well, readers, I ran. It wasn’t far– gosh, it wasn’t far– but I ran. I set the treadmill to only 1/2 a mile and ran portions of it. I say “portions” because I ran in spurts. This is for two reasons: (1) I was worried about my form and trying to angle it to be easy on my ankles, and (2) I just need to re figure out this breathing thing. To make up for my sorry attempt at a baby run, I biked 5 miles. My pace was approximately 15 mph, or about a 4 minute mile. I am not a cyclist; I have no idea where that falls on the good/bad scale. I do know that my legs were hurting after that! I stretched really carefully to ensure I didn’t over strain my Achilles.

I need to work on my diet again. This is going to be a fasting week- same foods, smaller portions. I need to lose a few pounds I think.

Tomorrow: Yoga in the morning and kickboxing class in the evening. The yoga is optional- depending on how late I get to bed tonight and, by extension, how early I can get up in the morning.


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