Day 108

Today is a leftover day:

–> Lunch = Leftover pasta from dinner. This stuff is good hot or cold and I am even more in love. I was drooling over the thought of it all day.

–> Cheat = the remaining half of yesterday’s Twix

–> Pain = the leftovers from last night’s Zumba. Oh and my abs are still sore from Tuesday’s routine.

Please excuse me while I get more pasta. Look away! **guiltily takes more pasta** It is my weakness.

Speaking of weaknesses, the physical therapist said I can run!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He said I have to start slow, but to work up to it and to be careful. You know what this means? Yes sirree, I am running tonight! I will start with only half a mile and be very careful to stretch before and after. **HAPPY DANCE!!**


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