Days 101, 102, & 103

July 18th

I had physical therapy today; which, due to a new routine, was quite the ab workout. I think I will get a foam roller for my at-home workouts! Also, good news! My physical therapist said my ankle mobility is in normal range now! I still have to keep stretching and working on it etc, but he is happy with my progress. (YES!).
In other news, I am having the hardest time signing up for a Color Run/Color Vibe/Color Me Rad 5k. (1) I hate shelling out $45, but (2) I am nervous!

July 19th

Being Friday, my husband and I had dinner plans with another couple. I had planned to squeeze in an ab workout with a friend after work, but she cancelled and *poof* went my motivation. I have been so good with food lately that I decided to let myself a little loose for dinner. We had gourmet pizza. And it was delicious.

July 20th

Still feeling the pizza from last night. I had some light vanilla yogurt with cinnamon and blueberries for breakfast. I wasn’t especially hungry, but I know I will get hungry while I’m out running errands, so I would rather eat something light and healthy now than be starving and make bad choices later.
I am trying to drink more water– 80 oz a day is my goal. So far, I haven’t come anywhere close. 80 ounces is a lot, people! I think my record is about half of that. Oh well, today is a new day and another chance!


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