Days 98 & 99

July 15th

Oh Mondays. Such a sigh- worthy day each week. I had a date with a friend for a kickboxing class, but she canceled and I, feeling unmotivated, played hooky myself. Bad fitness, bad. However, eating today was great. It is nice to be back to my healthy food routine.

I am sore, I think, from Saturday’s workout.


July 16th

Awesome day. Went to the gym and the farmers market before work this morning. I just did 25 minutes of cardio (went 2 miles on the elliptical) because I was running late, but it is something. I want to start going regularly and completing a 5k each time to prepare for when the therapist says running is ok.   At the farmers market (a different, bigger one from the one I have been going to), I got eggplant, cucumbers, and frech-cut basil.

How do I keep the basil from wilting and how long will it last?   I wonder about these things.

I made some “guilt free chocolate chip cookies” for a Bible study tonight. “Guilt free” and “chocolate chip cookie”– ha! But they had no refined sugar, no butter, and no milk. They were not, needless to say, very sweet or “cookie”ish, but they made for great little chocolate chip muffins. I think next time I will try that recipe substituting blueberries or bananas/walnuts for the chocolate chips and go for legit muffins.


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