DAY 100!

As I reflect on the past 100 days of my struggle for fitness, I notice some delightful changes in my life:

  1. I am learning to really cook & bake (rather than pop something in the microwave) and feel good about what I eat
  2. I buy whole, nutritious foods that feed my body what it needs- while still tasting fabulous
  3. I do occasionally have some processed, unhealthy treat, but I move on and don’t let myself get worked up over it
  4. I work out 5-6 days a week and am actually starting to enjoy it!
  5. I have a greater appreciation for what I can push my body to do– and for the greatness of life in general

I am not yet where I want to be. The key word there is “yet”. I will get there and it will be soon. I told my husband last night that it isn’t about a number for me anymore. I realize weight loss will naturally occur with a healthier lifestyle, but I am focused now on pushing my body to new limits and new levels of fitness rather than just trying to be the “perfect weight”.

In my workouts, I know I could work harder, push myself farther; I don’t like being uncomfortable. Jillian Michaels always says “Get comfortable with being uncomfortable!” and it is true. I am working on it.

Overall, I am happy with what I have done. I know I still have a long way to go, but I am proud that I have stuck with this as long as I have. Three and a half months is really quite something for little ol’ A.D.D. me; I usually get bored or find some new obsession. Fitness, so far, has stuck, and I hope it continues to shape my life to be more healthy and more whole.

Here’s to the first 100 days and the beginning months of a life lived fuller, healthier, and stronger. God gave me one life, one body, and I’m not going to squander either.


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