Day 97

July 14th
Fitness moms, I applaud you most heartily. My nieces did not like the healthy food I had, which resulted in sending the husband on an emergency grocery store run for foods they would eat– foods like breakfast cereal and juice. Not the most horrible things (in fact, they were all things I ate as a kid and never had a problem with), but they are most definitely not “Whole” or healthy. Moms, you know how it is; pour the kid some cereal, take a bite…take a sip of the juice…have a cookie when you bake them together. I am not proud. However, I did enjoy snuggling in the afternoon to a Disney movie and eating popcorn. 5 & 2 are such fun ages.
Better health days ahead and I now know I will have to plan for kids + health foods and be prepared for my own one day!


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