Day 96

Woke up at 6:40 (early for a Saturday) and did Jillian Michaels “KILLER ABS” dvd. Finished by 7:45. Bam. Steel cut oats and some scrambled egg with turkey bacon = healthy breakfast. Lunch was on-the-go: some cocoa dusted Almonds. When I got home I had some Triscuits and a tomato topped with Mrs. Dash “Garlic and herb” spice and some feta cheese. Delicious. Dinner was less healthy: I am babysitting my young nieces and we made waffles. But we topped them with cinnamon and a little powdered sugar instead of syrup, and we had sliced pears as a side, so it wasn’t a total lost cause.  Watching them has shown me how tough it will be when I have my own kids: (1) TIME: finding time to workout will be a struggle, and (2) FOOD: getting kids to want the healthy stuff is no easy task. Kudos to you moms who have done it!



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