Days 84, 85, & 86

July 1st

Such a Monday. Healthy eating was a go– minus one half mini-bag of Chex mix. Working out was questionable. Went to the gym but wasn’t dead when I returned. Work out harder maybe?

July 2nd

It is Tuesday, but feels like a Monday. My legs are acting up again. Physical therapy this afternoon. Did squats at work– I may make a habit of that, even though it is hard to do in a pencil skirt. Fantastic healthy foods today. I love, love, LOVE eating whole foods!

July 3rd

I had every intention of working out this morning and then suddenly I was at the office going, “Oh shoot- what happened to my workout?!” My guilty pleasure was some of my husband’s movie theater snacks while we watched “Man Of Steel” (good movie– too many fighting scenes for me, but it is a superhero movie). Went to IHOP with his sister- I had coffee with no sugar and four slices of turkey bacon. Tomorrow is, of course, Independence day, so I can’t guarantee much healthiness/working out. I will if I can.



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