Day 83

June 30th

I have found a term for what I am trying to do. It came up in a psychology book I am reading. I am trying to become Self-Actualized. A self-actualized person is independent, does good for others, is productive, confident, and has a strong spiritual (in my case religious) core. Here’s how this applies to me:

I want to be fit, healthy; cooking and eating whole, local foods; happy and productive; I want to help charities; I want to go on mission trips; I want to grow in my faith and service to my LORD Jesus Christ. Basically, I want to be a well-rounded, helpful member of society who leaves a legacies of faith and who made the most of every moment.

I think that is why I stress out on Sunday afternoons: “AH THE WEEKEND IS OVER! WAS I PRODUCTIVE??” This Sunday afternoon that very thing was happening- so I went to the gym. It was deserted and my 30 minute workout was barely anything, but it was better than nothing that’s for sure.

Somehow, I have lost 3 lbs. (Hooray!) I suspect it has something to do with cutting out processed foods.


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