Day 77

June 24th

Hello, Monday, I’ve been expecting you.

Actually, it wasn’t a bad day- one of my healthiest in a while as a matter of fact. I had a warm slice of Zucchini Bread for breakfast (no added sugar and whole wheat flour so I don’t feel bad), a banana with 2 tsp peanut butter for snack, a LUNA bar for lunch, and a tangerine after work. I haven’t had dinner yet, even though it is almost 8 o’clock, but let me tell you why!

6:00- I completed a Water Aerobics class. Now, a word about water aerobics: you will look ridiculous. If it is a public pool, you will hear snickers. It is likely that your classmates will be old and/or very out of shape. Why? Because water aerobics has a reputation for being low intensity– and it is! But here’s the great thing: you will feel it tomorrow!! After I finished, I went home, changed into normal gym clothes annnnndddd…..went to a kickboxing class!

6:45- KICKBOXING! The cardio part was tough, but not too bad. What absolutely killed me was the abs. Oh my that hurt! I realized something, while sweating on that mat in a class of equally sweaty strangers, I don’t push myself hard enough. I hate to admit that but it is true. I realized I go until it hurts, go a few seconds into the pain– then stop. Friends, this is bad. This class forced me to embrace the pain and after a few minutes of feeling sorry for myself I saw a glorious vision: abs, tight, sexy, beautifully feminine abs, and they were mine for the taking. I could almost feel mine forming as my workout shirt began to cling to me.

Also, working out banished any desire for dinner; however, now it has been 30 minutes and my stomach is remembering that we skipped. Off to find something high-protein.


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