Days 74 & 75

June 21st

It is now officially summer and I have yet to go swimming! I did NOT work out this morning as planned, but lucky for me this cold seems to last longer than predicted. :/ I did eat healthy foods all day though.
I am doing some research into the idea of going on a “Real food” diet such as the one documented by this blog:
I’m still in the researching phase, but it sounds awesome!

June 22nd

Today was just awesome. I slept in (yay for a good night’s sleep!) and went to the gym in the early afternoon. WP_005348 I did not workout very hard, but it was a good getting-over-sickness workout. I followed the cardio with 15 minutes of abs & stretching. Afterwards, I went to the grocery store (can we call it a market? Market sounds so earthy) and bought some “Whole” foods, ie foods with five or fewer ingredients– and all of which are identifiable things and not strange names of weird chemicals.

Before you worry, no, I am not going to be super-hippy, miss organic now, but I do believe God created foods with the nutrients our bodies need and we most certainly do not need all the artificial junk modern food contains. It is time to get our facts straight with our food!

I also made Zucchini Bread ( but I didn’t take pictures- sorry. It was really yummy though. I added Raisins and Walnuts- so scrumptious.

Today was a good day for heath, not so much for “getting abs” but definitely a wholesome day.

Workout tomorrow will be ABS. Its about time I stopped neglecting them!


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