Days 71, 72, & 73

June 18th

Despite spending the day driving on the interstate, I managed to be healthy! I started with a yoga workout in the morning with my lovely Mum. She is about to be a certified yoga instructor and her classes are awesome! In the interest of anonymity, I won’t tell you her name, but if you do ever take one of her classes you will remember this post and go, “Yup, her blogger-daughter was right; this is wonderful!” :) I planned ahead for my road trip and brought bottled water, sliced watermelon, GrapeNuts cereal, and an apple. I indulged in a “pretzel roll” for my lunch. Not only did this cut spending cost and stops, it also kept me on track in my eating. I did stop for a 6-piece grilled chicken nuggets from Chick-Fil-A , but I didn’t have any sauce so I think that was fairly healthy.

Had a great weekend, but glad to be home so I can get back into my routine! (I mean, so I can start a routine!)

June 19th

First morning home and I DID NOT WORKOUT. Fail. My excuse (you know I have one) is that I missed my husband like crazy and chose to spend the extra hour sleeping curled up with him rather than getting up to work out. It’s a cute picture in my mind’s eye, but MY ABS AREN’T CUTE. I need to freaking get to work! Can’t even remember what I ate today. Pretty sure it was healthy though- and no junk food. I did have a diet soda, but I hated it. I was falling asleep at work so I needed the caffeine. :P

June 20th

Home sick today. My sister had a cold that she kindly shared with me over the weekend. I am congested and sniffly and my throat hurts! My voice sounds funny too. The pharmacist recommended lots of fluids and rest; sitting at a laptop isn’t work so I think I’m ok. I don’t foresee being able to workout (or it being a good idea frankly) but I really am getting behind so maybe I’ll be well enough this evening– at least for a baby abs workout.

I need to start posting “next scheduled workout”s to keep myself accountable. Ok, here you go:

NEXT SCHEDULED WORKOUT: Tomorrow, 5:25 am. Jillian Michaels, “Killer Abs”— annnd if I make it to the gym tonight, great. :)




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