Days 69 & 70

June 16th

Happy Fathers Day! To all the dads out there, YOU ARE APRECIATED. Being that it is a holiday, I may have eaten whatever-I-wanted, but I was at least mindful of it all. I avoided added sugar and I worked out via dancing with my sisters. I am SORE. No wonder hip-hop dancers are in shape!


June 17th

Today was a healthier day, but still not the best. I didn’t work out, but spent the day visiting family and trying new, healthy recipes. We made turkey stuffed crepes and Ricotta Vanilla Tiramisu for dinner/dessert in celebration of my sister’s birthday. Yay for celebrating! I did not eat that much of the dessert though because I am not a tiramisu fan.
Tomorrow is the uber long car ride home so I may wait til Wednesday to post. Also, don’t expect much regarding fitness or health food. I am packing fruit and other healthy car-trip snacks, but you never know… Also, I am bummed because Emily has to stay here for awhile. It is a drier climate than home and will allow her developing skin allergies to heal. Gonna miss my walking buddy. :(

P.S. Still sore from yesterday’s dancing :)


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