Day 67 & 68

June 14th

*Hangs head* Not proud of today. I went on a road trip today. A long one. A 13 hour drive- BY.MY.SELF. Well, with the dog too. I started at 4pm, so, you do the math. It was a long night. to keep myself awake, I tried everything. I listened to audiobooks, loud music, belted out the words to songs I knew, rolled down my windows going 75 mph, drank a 5 Hour Energy, a diet Mountain Dew, and a Dr. Pepper 10…and ate some Cheetos, some Chex Mix, some honey roasted peanuts, and some mini Kit Kats.

Let us take a moment of silence for my failed healthy eating.

June 15th

This morning, I made two egg whites- no ketchup- and had some grapes. Lunch was a smoked turkey sandwich on wheat and dinner was a large salad with a small side of spaghetti. I did have dessert, but it was small- a slice of home-made blackberry pie made with fresh blackberries from my mother’s garden. I took an hour long yoga class, and went for a bike ride outside. It is so good to be visiting family- even though I miss my husband like crazy.


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