Day 66

June 13th

Healthy eating today! Was tempted– but did not give in!!– by a warm croissant at the coffee shop this morning. Also, I found a way to incorporate working out into study time: Tonight I sat down to finish and turn in (online) an assignment that has been hanging over my head all week. I set a timer for 30 minutes. For every FIVE MINUTES after that initial 30 that I took (“overtime”) I had to do 20 reps of something. I ended up using about an hour of “overtime”– lots of reps! I did leg lifts, butt lifts, sit-ups, bicycle crunches, push ups, and I don’t even know what else. It was great!

1. It kept me wide awake to study (unlike the couch and a cup of tea– my usual study buddies)

2. My abs and arms are sore!!

3. It made me hurry up and finish for fear of more reps!

Win, win, win! I think I have a new study method. :)


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