Day 62

June 9th

Finally a day I’m proud of! I ate healthy foods today- relatively for a Sunday anyways; I had a bite of a mini donut at church this morning, and half a waffle with my coffee this afternoon. But the waffle had no syrup, just a little cinnamon, so it was more biscuit-like (but still freakin delicious. I LOVE our waffle-maker!). I took a NAP this afternoon (never happens) so I actually feel rested. The husband and I went to the gym later in the afternoon and I worked on the elliptical for 1.15 miles, then did a series of squats, sit-ups, bicycle crunches, leg lifts with ab holds, and lots and lots of stretching. Hydrated, and went to the grocery store for some fresh veggies. Made TWO big Ready!casserole dishes of Ratatouille- my lunch for this week. Once those are done and the oven is free, I’m making a big batch of healthy blueberry/banana muffins- breakfast for the week. I know it isn’t totally healthy to have the same foods every day, but this is fruits, vegetables, grains, protein, and vitamins (from the veggies etc). Dinner will be different ach day, so I’ll mix it up a little ;)

DSCN4268  Tomorrow is KILLER ABS! 5:30 a.m. sound cool?


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