Day 61

June 8th

Today I had an omelet for breakfast: three egg whites with yellow squash, zucchini, onions, and garlic. It was delicious. Lunch was a type of Ratatouille- vegetable casserole. Dinner was a Morning Star veggie burger and some peach and pear slices with cinnamon. I had some light popcorn in the afternoon and no other snacks. My “cheat” I guess would be the vanilla creamer in my coffee this afternoon. Alas, no workout today (I told you I can’t see to balance the two- I either workout or I eat healthy, but not both), but I did receive some workout encouragement: so this morning I was cuddling with my husband and the way I was stretched out made my abs look tight and fit. My husband kissed my stomach and said, “That is so freakin’ hot. I love abs.” If that doesn’t encourage me to work out I don’t know what will!!

Planning a good ab workout for tomorrow!


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