Day 56 & 57

June 3rd & 4th

Both days I had healthy breakfasts and healthy lunches, minimal snacking and did some crunches, ab twists, sit-up etc in the morning before work. However, they were not perfect days. A friend made dinner on Monday, including dessert, so I ate some of that, and yesterday I went to the movies and had some popcorn.

How do you feel about bringing snacks into the theatre? Like by sticking them in a purse? I am ok with it. Last night, we bought popcorn and a drink– we shared and it was still a crazy $13 (!!!)— but I also brought some fresh blueberries. When I felt like I was eating too much popcorn, I switched to blueberries, which satisfied my need to munch on something while also combating the salt of the theatre popcorn.

Also, the past two days have been slacking as far as working out. I did the crunches etc, but nothing formal or for any extended period of time. Tonight I am going to the gym at 6:00. Plan for it.




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