Day 55

June 2nd

I had breakfast at Cracker Barrel today- and I was so good! Two egg whites, coffee with 1/2 packet of Splenda, and a side of fresh strawberries. I had a little bit of the snack I baked for the Sunday school class we teach (it was a yummy cookie cake– an early celebration of my hubby’s birthday), and lunch was delicious, scrumptious, tasty Ratatouille leftovers! Mmm, mm, I love that dish! No unhealthy snacks, but dinner was a waffle. One blueberry, whole wheat waffle. Yes, not healthy, but if you are going to eat a waffle, this is the kind to eat.

Husband wants to go to the gym tonight (why yes, it IS 11:15 P.M.) which I guess is good because I didn’t work out today; HOWEVER, I have work in the A.M. and, come one, a girl needs her beauty rest! ;)


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