Day 53

May 31st

On normal days, my house is quiet until 5:50- then our myriad of alarms start going off. This means, I need to be starting every at-home workout by 5:20, unless I want to wait for my husband to leave for work– in which case workouts would start at 6:15/ 6:30. The problem is, if I wait to workout til he leaves, I get distracted by other things (like making breakfast- this morning’s was flax cereal with Almond milk–yummy!)…like this morning. I want to have restful mornings, but I also want to workout. You know what, I have time. I am going to quickly squeeze in a Jillian Michaels 20 minute kickboxing workout right now. I MUST HURT IF I WANT RESULTS.

From now on, workouts at 5:20- it really is the only way to get a workout in and still have time for a relaxing morning.

*Wish me luck!*


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