Day 52

May 30th

In hopes of bolstering our productivity, we turned off our router and were internet-free for the day! It helped, of course, but now I am posting a day late because I couldn’t get online yesterday. However, I will type as if it is still the 30th.

Workout at the gym this morning was short- only about 25 minutes long. I had a physical therapy appointment at 8:00 and had woken up late. At therapy, the put my on an elliptical machine for the last ten minutes set on a 15 incline. Geez, I burned like 120 calories in just that short time. The elliptical machines at my gym do not have an incline, but now I wish they did.

My eating habits today were pretty good, but I kinda just nibbled my meals all day rather than sitting down to eat them at a specific time.

Tomorrow, no snacking, only three regular meals and a banana at 11:00. DRINK MORE WATER & workout abs.


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