Day 46….47…48….and 49

May 24th

Ate healthy foods, but did not work out- busy Friday, but that shouldn’t be an excuse.

May 25th

Went to an out-of-town wedding and was gone all day- mostly driving. However, I tried out a new seat/abs workout (ie while I was in the car). You sit on the edge of your seat and slowly lean back until your shoulders touch the chair behind you. Next you crunch your abs to pull yourself upright again. Simple, but effective. The second move is even easier: sitting on the edge of your seat, lift your legs up a few inches, leaving your knees bent and legs hanging. Repeat several times, either on leg at a time or both at once for even more resistance.

May 26th

Sunday. I had one donut hole (out of a box of 24 so that’s not too bad). Figured out I do actually need some carbs for energy and to keep my brain clear, I just have to figure out a strict plan until I get better at diet and nutrition.

May 27th

HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY!!! This morning I burned 250 calories on the elliptical machine. I ate healthy foods until dinner time: at dinner I participated in a great American tradition and had a hot dog with some baked beans. Come on folks, it’s Memorial Day. Thank you to those who served (several in my family tree)!! I didn’t totally go nuts though: my hot dog was a lean, 95% Fat Free, turkey dog, with no cheese and minimal condiments. My serving of baked beans was only 1/4 cup or so.
Here is the plan for tomorrow:

5:45- Jillian Michaels: 6 Week Six Pack
6:20- Walk the dog
6:30- Shower

->Pack a breakfast of a banana, to be eaten at 9 o’clock.
->For a snack, bring a Greek yogurt, to be eaten at 11 o’clock.
->Lunch is at 1:30 and will consist of salad (lettuce etc + sliced turkey dog for protein)
->After lunch, no food until dinner time. THAT’S A RULE.
Evening workout will be 1/2 hour on the elliptical machine at 6:30 p.m.


Holiday weekends are always hard to keep track of. I am not completely proud of this one, but I didn’t binge eat or anything horrible. Plus, by some miracle I am actually down a pound from last week. Is this…is this progress???



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