Day 44

May 21st

Today was a pretty good day actually. I woke up at 5:20 (go me!) and completed almost a full Jillian Michaels kickboxing session. I say “almost” because my husband woke up and I had to end about 75% through to take him to work (still hadn’t purchased that new car, so we carpool). I stopped by the gym on the way home and did 50 sit-ups, 50 squats with a weight ball lift, 20 across-the-room lunges, 25 knee tucks while in plank, and 25 butt-lift combinations with a sit-up and double punches. Also, lots of stretching. Then I ate pretty good (had some snacks at a painting party, but stayed on the healthier side of things), and went to therapy at 4. GOOD NEWS! My ankles are getting better!!! The flexibility in my left ankle, the worse off one, was at 6 degrees of mobility; normal range is 15-20 degrees. Now, it is up to 10 degrees! Woo hoo! I am craving a workout right now, but I think I should sleep.

Next Scheduled Workout: Jillian Michaels- 5:20 a.m., the “30 Day Shred” DVD.


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