Day 36, Day 37, and Day 38..and Day 39

May 13th, 14th, and 15th, and some of May 16th

As my sister so kindly put it “You seem so motivated- then life gets in your way.”

May 13th, no excuses, just bad lifestyles with minimal workouts. Took four walks with the dog, but nothing formal.
May 14th, Therapy Day. Bad news: the therapist said, while cycling itself would be good, a spin class is too high- intensity. We talked about what workouts I could do, and the elliptical machine is apparently a good one. She also suggested cutting out bread until I have the abs I want. So I did. No bread, folks, and for me that is a near death sentence. I LOVE BREAD. I was proud of myself though: that night we took some friends to Outback Steakhouse. I ordered grilled salmon with a side of steamed veggies, and I didn’t have a single bite of the warm and delicious dark loaf of bread sitting so tantalizingly on the table.
May 15th This was yesterday- and I rocked it! Started the morning early and was at the gym by 6. Worked out and went home at 7 to shower and be ready for work. Tracked all my food, stayed under the 1200 calorie goal, and ate NO BREAD. Even wore my night brace for awhile in the evening.

May 16th Today has only just begun, but so far I’m at least eating healthy. Breakfast was blueberry Greek yogurt and a banana and planned lunch is tuna and corn. Day 3 of no bread and I’m craving toast. :(  Heading to walk the dog and workout, therapy at 8:30.


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