Day 33

May 10th

Today was such a Friday. Husband was out of town and, without his usual army of alarms, I didn’t hear my puny phone alarm and ended up sleeping in an hour. I was fine to get ready and go to work, but no time for a morning work out. I assured myself that I would make up for it after work. Half an hour before quittin’ time, I get a phone call. It was not good news. On his way home my husband was in a car crash that totaled our new-as-of-last-week car! Thank the Lord, he is okay, just bruised and sore. I may squeeze in a quick workout later this evening, but I doubt it. I brought him pizza and turned tonight into a movie night so I can keep a close eye on him.  Seems like a valid reason not to work out, but still feels like an excuse. Whether or not I do anything tonight, I WILL go to the gym FIRST THING in the morning. Putting a workout off until the afternoon rarely, if ever, works.
Next FIRMLY SCHEDULED WORKOUT: Tomorrow, 7:00 am (hey, it’s the weekend)



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