Day 29

May 6th.

Yes, before you ask, this is a day late. Let me tell you what happened last night…


Because of the night-brace I wear on my legs at home, my husband calls me “Robo-Cop”. Also, I like to start gym workouts on the hour so that whatever show is playing on the gym TV will be at the beginning– I hate coming in on shows late.

Chapter 1 thru The End:

I planned to workout at 8:00 pm. My husband came into the room where I was reading, laid on the opposing couch, and said, “Hey Robocop” while holding out his arms for a hug. Who could resist? Five moments later, we were both asleep on the couch. We woke up at midnight, but it was, of course, too late to workout.


I did not do a complete workout, just the “morning routine” I told you about the other day. Then I had a nice cup of tea, fell asleep reading, and was sent to bed at 2:30am by my sweet husband. MUST WORKOUT ON MAY 7th!


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