Day 25 & 26

May 2nd and 3rd

I’m posting this a day late (why does that seem to be a habit lately?), so I decided to combine them again. Yesterday, gosh what happened yesterday? I don’t think I even worked out. The whole day is a blur of work and cleaning house. However, today was good. Kickboxing in the morning, healthy breakfast and minor snacking, then worked out at the gym (cardio) with a friend for over an hour. I did how a horribly bad dinner of delicious Mexican food. But, hey, that’s what the second workout was for.

Tomorrow morning I have to take Emily to her vet appointment (yay for spending money. uhgh.), but I’m going to try to squeeze in another kickboxing- or maybe an abs routine because the kickboxing this morning was a little rough on my ankles.

So let’s say, next scheduled workout: tomorrow afternoon. Can’t wait til this therapy really fixes my ankles so I can run again! :D


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