Day 9

April 16th

I woke up at a quarter of 5 this morning. Did not sleep well- or really at all. I have so much to do before this trip! We leave Friday, but with work during the day, evenings are really my only time to get anything done. I’m going to have to fit yoga in somewhere. Maybe when the sun comes up- that would be neat. This week I am trying a gluten-free diet. I have already gone dairy-free trying to figure out what is wrong: my stomach constantly feels full and bloated, even when I haven’t had anything to eat. This morning I kinda screwed it up: 5 a.m. and I’m having a single serving pack of Cheez-Its. I don’t know if they have gluten, but I was trying to wake myself up. Yesterday my diet mostly consisted of Lean1 protein smoothies from SmoothieKing.

Next scheduled run: tomorrow, 6:30 a.m. (trying to beat the crowds of school children waiting for the bus. I encountered that problem yesterday)


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